All Lou's Gourmet Sausage products are produced, packaged and delivered to your local store within hours of production. And with no preservatives. We take pride in flavoring our sausages with our own fresh seasonings--not pre-packaged blends other companies use.

Mild Italian Sausage Our original Old World recipe of
fresh pork and freshly ground spices make this our best seller for over 40 years. Available in link or 1/3 lb. sausage patties, enjoy the original taste of Italy today!

Hot Italian Sausage With the addition of crushed red
pepper, the flavor heats up our Old World recipe and adds a little spice to your life. Enjoy this fabulous flavor in your favorite pasta sauce or in an outstanding sausage sandwich from the grill. Add grilled onions to put it "over the top."

Sicilian Gourmet Sausage
With a blend of sweet red peppers, freshly cut scallions and our famous blend of Italian spices, this sausage packs an explosive flavor you won't believe! Seasoned to perfection, just cook and serve.

Gourmet Italian Sausage with Wine & Cheese Features chunks of aged Provolone cheese imported from Italy, blended together with Chardonnay wine and our famous blend of Italian spices. A true gourmet's delight!

Chicken Italian Sausage Created for those who love the taste of our famous Italian sausage yet prefer a lean alternative to pork. 95% lean chicken and our special spices make this sausage the perfect ingredient for low-calorie stir fry dishes or outdoor grilling. Serve with grilled onions, peppers and mushrooms for a unique sandwich experience.

Andouille Sausage With a recipe straight from a famous French Quarter restaurant, our fresh Andouille is sure to satisfy your Cajun tastebuds. With a blend of cayenne pepper, onions, garlic and Cajun spices, it's perfect for your Creole and gumbo recipes.

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