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We are confident that once you taste our products, you’ll want to tell your friends and family how Lou’s Gourmet Sausage makes the meal.

Frank & Joe Vinciguerra


The BUZZ around town...

“When I make a pot roast, I cut a fist-sized hole out of the center of the roast and stuff it with a mixture of Lou’s Mild Italian Sausage and herbs and roast it as usual. My kids and grandkids go nuts for “Lou’s Gourmet Sausage Pot Roast ala Eve”
Eve, Parma Heights

“I take a pound of Lou’s Hot Italian Sausage, brown it in a skillet until the pink is gone. I prepare a dish of olive oil and herbs, serve it with italian bread and DIP, DIP, DIP!”
Paul, Chicago, Illinois

“I tried your chicken sausage. It was the best I have ever tasted. The flavor was outstanding! I will continue to purchase your products.”
Bernice, Rocky River

“I was introduced to Lou’s Sausage at a recent dinner party. It was prepared on the grill. It was so juicy & flavorful. From now on, it’s the ONLY sausage for my family & friends. No other comes close!”
Norma Jean, Twinsburg

“Your Wine & Cheese Sausage is the best!”
Anthony, Mayfield Heights

Hi, we love your sausage. We drove from Sandusky to Avon Heinen’s just to purchase your mild sausage. We also bought one package for the freezer. I went to Cleveland Clinic this summer and stopped in Heinen’s since we don’t have one in Sandusky jut to see what the store is all about. I brought home your sausage just thinking I love to support local businesses. Well, when I cooked this sausage for dinner, my parents said, “OMG, what brand of sausage is this?”

It is the best sausage I ever tasted. They said they haven’t had a great sausage since they were a kid and that was called Lou’s Sausage. They were so happy that your business is still around, so Tuesday we made that special trip just to buy Lou’s Sausage. I will have to try some recipes now. I paired it up with Stancato’s spaghetti sauce and these made us great memories of our great grandmother, Constatina from Italy.

Thanks again for a great sausage!
Tammy, Sandusky

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