Lou’s has been servicing restaurants, hotels,caterers and amusement parks for over 50 years. If your establishment is looking for only the best sausage for its fine cuisine, we invite you to contact us. We may also be reached by phone at 216.752.5060. Just ask for Joe or Frank.


Look for Lou’s Gourmet Sausage at these local venues

Lou’s Gourmet Sausage can be found at locations all across northern Ohio at many providers of quality foods. We would like to encourage you to ask your neighborhood grocer and restaurants to carry Lou’s Gourmet Sausage. There’s no better sausage and it’s a great way for you to support cleveland’s own #1 Gourmet Sausage Company!

Heinen’s Fine Foods Miles Farmers Market
Super Walmarts Gallucci’s Italian Foods
Buehlers Farmer in the Deli
Acme Fresh Markets Marc's
Dave’s Supermarkets Select Locations Peppers Farmers Market
Alesci’s Sirna’s Market

Look for us on these menus!

D’Agnese The Woods
Fazio Firehouse 43
LaDolce Vita Fragapane Bakery
Presti’s Bakery Guiseppi's Pizza
Marrotas Vincenza’s Pizza
Tomato Grill  
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